Wysteria Windwistle

Forestgnome, Barbarian , Emelie Andersson.


Wysteria må va kort även för att va en Gnome. Men den lilla kroppen gömmer ett stort hjärta och en ännu större envishet. Men låt dig inte luras av hennes naiva sätt för i Wysteria bor det en krigare som gärna ger dig ett gott stryk om du skulle underskatta henne.

Wysteria älskar en rättvis fight, man mot man ska det va. Inga överumplingar, inga bågar eller magiska klot, hennes yxa i ditt huvud. Det är det bästa som finns. En värdig motståndare. Sen måste det inte va på blodigt alvar, de flesta av er har nog träffat henne på baren Gyllene hornet, där hon slagits med Goldar och Raenangrendon och många många fler för att visa sin vänskap eller kvällens fejd.


Once upon a time thats how it all began. Once upon a time there was two bachelors from Wayton. These young gnomes had decided to leave their duties behind them and travel across the world and experience it in a way that only bachelor goblins can. Their names where Finkan Coppertruck and Waylon Windwistle from Wayton.

They lived a long time on their families money, spent it on good food, good company, bordells and lots and lots and lots of beer. So when I say a long time I really mean like two months. When the second month where at its end they kind of realised that this was not a way of living. At least not without an income. But both of them were clever and they soon came up with a plan. Waylon was an extraordinary musician, fire bender and silver tongue, he would entertain the people of the cities they came upon. These people would throw money into his hat, whilst Finkan would sneak around the crowd and steal all their belongings when they weren’t noticing. It was the oldest trick in the book but with a lot of skill and some illusion spells it was not a difficult task.

Thus were their lives for a long time, they travelled from city to city until they one day ended up in the town of Tirine, A harbour city of the human race. They now where in the posession of a small fortune once again, but the way they talked about their money one would think that it was a lot more than a small fortune. The first thing they did in Tirine was not to contemplate it’s beauty, no they ran straight to the bordell bought two hookers and drank like there was no tomorrow. Later that night they didn’t know where they were, but in the dim light of this particular bar Finkan got into a fight with a halforc. The day after they awoke to the merciless light of the sun to an awful headache. They were determined to find their new friend and to apologise for their behaviour, and treat him with the best of hangover cures more beer!

Steven – that was the half orcs name lived together with his twin brother Nahgigoth lived their lives in a small cottage along the outer border of the town and made a living in bountyhunting. This was an occupation the gnomes grew very interested in, so the four of them sold their belongings and lived as free men together, they bougt some tents and hunting gears and just walked away. They lived of the forest, robbed highwaymen, stole money in the city and of course catched the greatest thieves to cash in the biggest bounty.
They did this for many years until Waylon from Wayton got a message about his dead aunt. At first this didn’t bother him so much, but a few months later when they where traveling pretty close to their home town Wayton thought he would pay omage to her by visiting her grave. And so they did. Afterwards the presented Steven and Nahgigoth to their families and it was during this visit that Waylon hapend upon the love of his life. But it didn’t last for long ’cause soon the boys where on the road again and Waylon could only dream of her wonderfull eyes. He thought he would never meet this woman again. But Garl Glittergold had other plans for them, you and I both know he has a certain sense of humor.
The days went by and Waylon had almoust forgot about that wonderfull night under the sheets, when he saw her at the townsquare where he just so hapend to be. There she stood more glistening and beautifull as ever, bearing the most awefull and wonderfull words he had ever heard… “I am pregnant… Waylon you are going to become a father.”
Wysteria Windwistle was her name.

Wysteria Grip Grap Greep Nifgri Eras Eralc Seke Echop Serch Yert Yera Imas Iam Niff Windwistle.

Wysteria grew up with her father Waylon from Wayton and her three “uncles” Finkan Coppertruck, Steven and Nahgigoth. Her father spoke very little of her mother and why she had chosen to leave them, and Wysteria even though she were a bit curious never forced him to explain it. They traveled around the world living as bounty hunters and ocasionally doing a little thievery on the side. Even though they occasionally found a village they liked they would only stay there up to a month before moving on, so Wysteria never had a place to call home, and she loved the freedom that brought.

I could tell you a whole novell about the things they did but most of it was before Wysterias time so I don’t think you would care. One story I will tell you though the story of when they slayed the Demogorgon. It was a sunny day in a forest willage. And they stood there looking at this wanted poster. “Demogorgon: wanted dead 1000gp” it read. Ofcourse they where in, they had never battled a Demogorgon before but how hard could it be thought the men. So they left the now 23 year old Wysteria at the tavern, thinking she was way to young to be fighting a Demogorgon and started walking in the direction of wich they had heard the cave of the beas was in. A Demogorgon is a 7 meter tall beast with two heads both resembling that of a demonic mandrill, with a body covered in scales except for 6 limbs where the arms and tales should be that is of a more wine like nature, this was the beast they found in the cave. They got the upperhand on the beast but Steven was severly wounded. And when they all where beaten and thought the job where done, the beast lashed out for a last hit nocking them all to the ground. In this moment Wysteria stormed in as a guardian angel and finished the beast in one final strike. The beast was at this point very weakened but the boys learned never to underestimate her again. They where going to take a sabre tooth each from the beast, but Waylon thought his daughter deserved a token of this day and gave her his tooth.

One day they stumbled upon this southern city called SilverStein, a city of wast diversity. At this point in their lives the men had started to think they where to old to wander around the world and would like to settle down, maybe start a family, and why not here. So Wysteria had no choice but to become a villager not yet an adult in the eyes of the gnomes she had to live with a parental guardian. But she hated it, it felt as if the mountain walls was closing in on her, therefore she spent most of her time in the nearby forest, living of hunting and foresting. In the willage you would mostly find her at the market trading, and in the tavern starting brawls or hinding out in her house with her loved ones.

But then one fearfull night a dark dressed individual arrived, casting weird shadows and black smokes where he walked. Steven had heard that they had to escape by a human woman named Cailyn who had found a secret way. But Nahgigoth where not near them at the time and Finkan was determined to take his lover with him, determined to save him. Waylon followed his friend and Steven brought Wysteria with him, all of them promising to make it out alive. It displeases me to say this but whilst Wysteria and the Steven managed to get out the lovers where not so lucky. Wysteria saw nothing, she’s still hoping that Finkan and Nahgigoth died in the embrace of one another in happiness, but she will probably never know. She didn’t see them, but her father somehow got out, but not everything of him, he kept repeating “shadows… Finkan … Nahgigoth… Dead… So much death” over and over, and in between the half comprehensible words where sounds that would haunt her nightmares.

Waylon the extroverted joker that everyone in the village knew and loved was gone, left was a mere shell that wasn’t aware of reality, just did things like eating and walking out of habit, and kept mumbling to himself. Wysteria and Steven swore that they would earn money, either to take him to a doctor in a nearby village, or to build a infirmary in the ruins and have a doctor look at him there. They would not fail him as they had failed their friends and with this goal in mind Wysteria was ready for everything.

Wysteria omkom tragiskt när hon blev kidnappad av en sk. “Twig Mage”. Dess underhuggare förde henne djupt ner under gjorden och började förvandla henne till en av sina egna. Hon var nästintill helt omvandlad när Bon, Malora, Crow och Lander lyckades nå henne, och de var tvugna att lämna henne kvar innan de sprängde platsen.

Wysteria Windwistle

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