Human ranger from The Bird Tribe


Crow är nuvarande på jakt efter sin vän Maho och hjälper byn när han kan.

Ogre head count: 4


As a child, Crow learned the story of old and legends from his grandfather Owl. While his uncle named Sparrow taught how to survive and act around animals.
His mother Named Raven was a nice and caring mother of two.

Before the attack on Silverstein were Crow just a guide in the montain area around Silverstein.
He became good friends with a other ranger named Maho. Who wanted to start an mapping expedition in the mountains. But before the prepairations where done the city got attacked.

After the Attack:
Crow were in the city and had the chance to escape. But More problem for his family who were in the outskirts. Crow waited as long as possible for them but had to give up. Crow can only hope someone survived but until then his is the only survivor of the tribe.

In the ruins:
After just one day there Crow thought the area around could be dangerous and gave itself the task of protecting the “city”.
Crow and comrades managed to find a threat to the city. Which was addressed directly. There he quickly became known as a ogre slayer.
He is now striving to become a legend that rises out of the ashes and protects the people of Silverstein.

After a failed mission Crow was shot to death by 4 arrows (3 in chest and one in neck). But was found and ressurected by 7 heroes that chose him over the lady named Jeneline. He is now i debt to them and is on lookout for his friend Maho.

He went on a journey to find his bird and was successful. In that journey did he find a fairy like creature and some water with healing properties.

Becuase of his survival skills and willingness to teach. He is now a teacher for the kids in Ruinerna.

He acted as a body guard for Amber during the diplomatic mission to the elven city. During that mission he brought the bow named “Bruning glory” and a waterproof cloak.

When investigating the death of malora’s lamb. He did almost loose his life again and sadly Gobi’s life.

Some weeks later, the council made a deal with “Gröna Draken”. Who was the ones who killed Crow. Because of that Crow has now moved out of the “town” until the Drows leaves. He still attend school lessons and other stuff. But avoids staying unless he has to…


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