Alberich Oakhand

The town carpenter, specialising in furniture.


A dark haired and dark skinned dwarf, with eyes of shining blue, which stand out amidst the darkness of his skin and hair. Before the invasion and evacuation of Silverstein he could almost always be found in his workshop, busy with some new carpentry project, his workshop filled with the smells of wood, cherry, oak, rowen and so on and so forth. He usually made for a wild sight, clothes covered in wood shavings, twigs and splinters of wood entangled in his beard.


Alberich always knew that the dwarven life wasn’t for him, stonework and mines just did not interest him. He was always fascinated by the textures and feels of wood and as a result he took up furniture making. An odd choice of career for a dwarf but it wasn’t the first time in dwarven history this has happened. The final straw though was when Alberich heard Nature’s call and joined the ranks of the Druidic orders. Cast out by his family and his clan, stripped of his family name, he took the name of Oakhand as he felt it best encompassed his choices of being a carpenter and a druid.

He wandered the world for a good 10 years before settling down in Silverstein and opening his workshop where he worked hard and established himself as a furniture maker of extreme skill.
To own an Oakhand cabinet was a sign of status.

All that had to be left behind when Silverstein was attacked by the Dark Terror, Alberich managed to escape, heart filled with sorrow at the loss of his workshop.

The only thing he managed to save were his tools with which he hopes to begin again with in the ruins that are now home to him and the other survivors.

Alberich Oakhand

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